SBPRA Authors Win Readers Favorite Awards

We are proud to announce that three of our authors have been chosen for the 2014 Readers Favorite awards.

“My Fingerpaicache.phpnt Masterpiece” by Sherrill Cannon has won Gold in the Children K-3 category.  liamKalpart also won for illustration in the children’s category.

“Moore Field School and the Mystery” by Liam Moiser won Honorable Mention in the Preteen category.

“Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat” by Leyla Atke won Honorable Mention in the Non Fiction Short Story category.

They will all be honored at the 2014 Readers Favorite awards ceremony held in Miami this November.

See the rest of the winners here.

SBPRA Author Featured in “Natural Awakening” Magazine

Doreen Ingram, author of the “My Sanctuary” series, has been featured in Natural Awakening. This children’s series is made up of three books, “My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home,” “My Sanctuary: The Mission,” and “My Sanctuary: Keepers of the Wild.” The books are about endangered animals and life after rescue.

Check out the author’s official website here.


SBPRA Top Twenty for Second Quarter (April – June)

Every author’s dream is to make it on a Top Seller list.  Congratulations to the following 20 authors who have made it!

Our top selling books within the last 90 days are as follows:

“Eritrea at a Crossroads” – Andebrhan Welde Giorgis

“The Professor” – Ashley Morrison

“Echoes of Thought” – Hugh G. Potts

“Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” – Patricia Kozyra

“Still” – Stephanie P. Cole

“A Culture of Fear” – Melinda Murphy

“One Old Ox Opening Oysters” – Paula Colette Bayley

“The Infidel” – Elisabetta Louise Faenza

“A Bug and A Wish” – Karen Scheuer

“Animal Bridge” – Wende Gripentrog

“Socket, Where Are You” – Jude Leonard

“Jackson & Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley” – Renee Pearce

“Birth of a White Nation” – Jacqueline Battalora

“Definitions of Love” – Althea Laurine McMillan

“Lydias Child” – Valentine Kirychenko

“A Journey in Words” – Diane Peeling

“You Can Swim, But Can You Teach It?” – Maud Robertson Ramsay Nomiyama

“Just Cruzin’” – Douglas A. Miller

“Dark Clouds Over Alabama” – Carl J. Barger

“After the Rush” – Lanny P. Martinson

SBPRA Top Twenty for June

Every author’s dream is to make it on a Top Seller list.  Congratulations to the following 20 authors who have made it!

Our top selling books within the last 30 days are as follows:

“The Professor” – Ashley Morrison

“Echoes of Thought” – Hugh G. Potts

“Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” – Patricia Kozyra

“Eritrea at a Crossroads” – Andebrhan Welde Giorgis

“One Old Ox Opening Oysters” – Paula Colette Bayley

“The Infidel” – Elisabetta Louise Faenza

“A Culture of Fear” – Melinda Murphy

“Lydias Child” – Valentine Kirychenko

“Socket, Where Are You” – Jude Leonard

“A Bug and A Wish” – Karen Scheuer

“How the Unicorn Got His Horn Back” – Vicki Dean Mayhew

“After the Rush” – Lanny P. Martinson

“Dark Clouds Over Alabama” – Carl J. Barger

“Lighting Man #4” – Noah Francis Bunyan

“The Misadventures of Hershey & Rolo and the Broken Flowerpot” – Wanda J. Dailey

“Not a Life Recipe” – Goodness Zoh Mvuyane

“The Death Maze” – Richard Parnes

“Sami and the Donkey Village” – Rumia Muktar

“Treading Water” – Karime Narvaez Wills

SBPRA Author Featured in Scotland’s Largest Paper

Check out Scotland’s largest paper, The Press and Journal, on August 16th and you’ll see SBPRA author Liz Cochrane’s book, “The Dark Pool” as their featured Book of the Week!

978-1-62857-234-6-LCochraneCover“The Dark Pool: Black Gold, High Finance, and Love in the Scottish Highlands” is a suspense novel set in the Scottish Highlands.

Visit the author’s official website and read the press release here.

Author Shares Parenting Tips on a Popular “Mom Blog”

Pat Kozyra, author of “Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” has been featured on one of978-1-62516-981-5-PKozyraCover the top go-to guides for moderns mom, Sassy Mama HK.  She is sharing her top parenting tips in a special post on the site.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s easy to be a parent. Thankfully, there is no written test we must pass before having children! After raising my two daughters (now mothers themselves), I readily admit I was not the perfect parent and I’m still hearing from them about things they didn’t like or enjoy about my parenting. The reality is, not only is your child constantly learning, but you’re learning parenting skills as well and no one is expecting you to get everything right the first time! Here’s my checklist of 12 parenting tips which will hopefully make that daunting task of parenting a little bit easier.  Read more

2014 Readers Favorites Awards Recognizes Three SBPRA Authors as Finalists!

Three of our authors have been named finalists in the 2014 Readers Favorites Awards. Congratulations!

  • Leyla Atke “Charmed” is a finalist in the Animals and Short Stories categories.
  • Sherrill Cannon “My Fingerpaint Masterpiece” is a finalist in the Children’s Concept and Children K-3 categories.
  • Liam Moiser’s “Moore Field School and The Mystery” is a finalist in the Children K-3 category.

978-1-62516-787-3-LMoiserCover fingerpaint HasanovaCover-291x300

SBPRA Authors Are Taking Libraries By Storm

We love hearing when our authors’ books are made available in their local libraries.

Lynne-Pickering-224x300Lynne Pickering has had five of her books accepted to 288 libraries statewide thanks to the State Library of Queensland. What a great opportunity!




978-1-62516-787-3-LMoiserCoverLiam Moiser’s “Moore Field School and the Mystery” was recently  selected for the National Library of Scotland. This is the sixth library placement for Liam’s book!

Sherrill Cannon Featured in Skunks Stoosh & Skittles Parties

Skunks Stoosh & Skittles Parties shows love to our very own Sherrill Cannon by putting her book, “Manner-Man” at the top of their Books Kids Love list!

Cannon Cover WebSkunks Stoosh and Skittles Parties has a goal to make sure that moms and dads everywhere spark a love of reading in their children at a very youngage, bynot just reading with them but alsoreading to them before they are even born. Their target audience are baby shower attendees all over Canada and the US. Congratulations, Sherrill!

Check out the Skunks Stoosh and Skittles Parties website!